Blake Griffin status update for Friday’s game

SACRAMENTO, CA - NOVEMBER 25: Blake Griffin /

The LA Clippers are set to face the Lakers tonight, and fans are wondering, is Blake Griffin playing?

Tomer Azarly reported that Blake Griffin remains unsure about his availability for Friday’s game. The status update for Blake Griffin is that he is not ruled in, or out. There is a possibility that he will play (limited minutes of course) against the Lakers though. This is good news. Even if he isn’t ready to return in time for the Clippers’ game against the Lakers, the team captain will be back on the floor very soon.

Blake Griffin practiced with the Agua-Caliente Clippers (the G-League team) on Wednesday. The LA Clippers tweeted Doc Rivers’ comments on how the practice went.

"“He looked good yesterday, you could see he was just rusty.” -Doc Rivers"

“Rusty” two days before his possible NBA return? During a G-League practice? This is evidence that suggests a Blake Griffin might not be ready for a return on Friday. Yesterday, however, Blake Griffin practiced with the LA Clippers rather than the G-League guys. Before the workout, Griffin stated “It’s a good day” to the press with a big smile. His optimism has everyone excited for his return, whenever it may be.

One player who probably isn’t concerned with Griffin’s return to action is Jamil Wilson, who has been filling in the 5-time All-Star’s spot in the starting lineup. Wilson has done a terrific job, recently scoring 17 points in just 19 minutes to help the team get past the Kings. Injuries such as Blake Griffin’s have made coaching a headache for Doc Rivers, but have given substituting players the chance to shine under the bright NBA lights.