LA Clippers’ fan favorite Matt Barnes officially retires from the NBA

SAN ANTONIO - APRIL 26: Matt Barnes
SAN ANTONIO - APRIL 26: Matt Barnes /

Former LA Clippers’ fan favorite Matt Barnes has officially retired after spending 14 years in the NBA.

Very few players have made an impact on the LA Clippers like Matt Barnes did, and it’s hard not to call him a franchise all-timer. He spent 4 of his 14 years in the NBA with LA, the most time he spent with any team in his career. He’ll undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable and likable players to ever suit up for the Clippers.

His contributions were rarely, if ever, summarized by the box score. He averaged just 9.3 points and 4.3 rebounds during his time with the Clippers. Instead, it was the non-numerical contributions that made Matt special.

Barnes fed off the crowd as much as they fed off of him. His tenacity and attitude made Clippers fans fall in love, and they stayed for his leadership and stellar defense. Perhaps his best trait was his stamina, which never seemed to run out. Barnes hustled on every possession, dove for every loose ball, and ended every fight he got into. He was the definition of tough, one of the NBA’s last “bad boys”.

One of Barnes’s best moments came in the Clippers’ Game 7 victory of the San Antonio Spurs in 2015. Yes, it was Chris Paul who made the game-winning shot, but it was Barnes who ended it by emphatically swatting away Kawhi Leonard’s last-second attempt.

Barnes also scored 17 points that game, for what it’s worth.

Even though Barnes didn’t retire a Clipper, he left a legacy with the team and holds a permanent place in our hearts. Last season, he finally got a ring with the Golden State Warriors. It was more than deserved.

Matt, we love you. You brought this franchise hope, grit, brotherhood, comradery, and the ability to believe when we needed it most. You were the ultimate teammate and sidekick, and Clipper Nation is forever grateful. Thank you, and congratulations.