Time to blow it up: LA Clippers should move DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 27: Wesley Johnson
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 27: Wesley Johnson /

With the news of the extent of Blake Griffin’s injury coming out, the LA Clippers should consider blowing it up by trading DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams.

Well LA Clippers’ fans, this sucks. News on Blake Griffin’s injury has come out and it’s not great. With the hopes of the playoffs all but gone, the team should honestly look at moving DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams.

The case for DeAndre

We have covered this extensively over the past couple of weeks. DeAndre doesn’t seem interested in playing. He is lazy at times and flat out gives up on others. There’s also the rumor that his name has already been tossed around in trade talks.

DJ does have a player option at the end of this season, so if he opts out, the Clippers could lose him anyway for nothing.

So, why not move him? Sure, we may not get the Brooklyn pick from the Cavs, but we could get their pick, which would be a late first rounder. The issue there is we would have to probably take back a bad contract. It’s still something that should probably be looked at.

The case for Lou

It’s nearly an identical case, actually. Lou could be huge for a contender, especially off the bench. He’s also an unrestricted free agent after this season, so there is a good chance he moves on anyway. At 32, it’s not likely he will want to be part of a possible re-building process.

If the Clips can flip Lou to a contender for a late first rounder or early second, why not do it? He’ll be putting up high numbers for the team, but for what purpose? It’s better to just cut your losses and go all in on the tank and maybe you can luck into some future franchise pieces you can slot around Blake Griffin, Danilo Gallinari and Patrick Beverley.