Clippers rally for an 18 point comeback victory in Sacramento 97-95

SACRAMENTO, CA - NOVEMBER 25: Blake Griffin /

The LA Clippers won their second straight game in Sacramento, 97-95.

It’s official Clipper Nation, we’re going streaking. The Clippers are on a 2 game win-streak, the first time since October 21st. Last night’s game in Sacramento was a gutsy win for Los Angeles, as they rallied back from an 18 point deficit. Los Angeles was led by Blake Griffin who had 33 points (13/25 FGs), and a game-winner.

Buddy Hield led the way for Sacramento with 27 points, 7/9 three pointers, and 16 fourth quarter points. Austin Rivers and Lou Williams provided a much needed lift in the ball movement department, as they collectively posted 15 assists.

Speaking of ball movement, the Clippers did a fantastic job of moving the ball last night with 23 assists. The ability to move the ball typically seems to determine whether or not this team wins or loses. The Clippers are 26th in the league in assists, averaging only 20.4. However, in their 7 wins, the team averages 22.7 assists. Coincidentally, the team averaged only 18.7 assists in their 11 losses.

The biggest key for tonight’s win was the Clippers’ tough defense.

Great Defense

The Clippers found themselves down 47-65 with 11:23 in the third quarter. By the 5:26 mark, the Clippers sparked a 17-0 comeback. It was the first time we saw anything similar to the amazing defense that the team played in the beginning of the season. Los Angeles ended up forcing 8 Sacramento turnovers, and held the team to 10 points in the 3rd quarter.

Once the fourth quarter began, the Clippers finally found themselves in the driver’s seat. With 3:37 left in the quarter, Los Angeles was up 95-85 and poised to take home a win. However, Buddy “Steph Curry” Hield had something to say about that. Hield scored 8 points in the final 3 minutes of the game, to tie the score 95-95. It seemed like we were about to experience this moment again.

After Blake Griffin hit one final the shot, the stage was set for Buddy Hield to win the game. The Clipper defense refused to let that happen.

The Clippers have a legitimate shot of going on a 5 game win streak this week with their upcoming schedule. Their opponents include the: Lakers, Jazz, and Mavericks. All hope isn’t lost Clipper Nation, tune in tomorrow to see the battle for LA.