Why you should be thankful for DeAndre Jordan

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 22: DeAndre Jordan
ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 22: DeAndre Jordan /

It’s Thanksgiving. Here’s why Clippers fans should be thankful for DJ.

There are plenty of reasons why a Clippers fan might be resentful towards DeAndre Jordan right now. He’s been catching a lot of heat lately, some deserved and some overblown. He’s also been one of the scapegoats for the 9-game loosing streak.

During the bad times, it’s important we not lose sight of what DeAndre has done for this team and the organization as a whole. Especially because his days as a Clipper might be coming to an end very soon. On this Thanksgiving, here are some reasons why Clippers fans should be thankful for DeAndre Jordan.

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For always being there

DeAndre is in his 10th year as a Clipper. Although he hasn’t exactly been the centerpiece, he kind of has. DJ has been the common denominator in every Clippers team we’ve seen over the past decade. DJ has been the glue that’s held this team together, no matter who is on the roster.

He’s fully embraced each team he been a part of, and helped instal a sense of hope in Clippers fans each year, no matter how fast that might have dwindled away.

He’s experienced every era of Clipper basketball. From the dog days, to Lob City, to our peak (whenever you would say that was), and is here for whatever is happening right now. Clippers fans should be thankful that that he’s been such an integral part of the team and our identity.

For giving us his best years

I’m sure a lot of you feel like another team might be able to utilize DeAndre better than we have. Maybe that there’s some untapped potential we haven’t taken advantage of. But the main reason DJ has gotten to where he is now is because of Doc Rivers. Doc challenged him to be the best player he could be, and helped him realize his purpose as a player.

Clippers fans should be thankful that DeAndre gave us his best years. Whether you want to believe it or not, DJ has flourished as a Clipper. He’s improved every year. Got several All-NBA awards. Played in his first All-Star game. Gave us the dunk contest we always wanted (even though he was snubbed). Also, he’s shooting over 60% from the free throw line this season. Who could’ve seen that coming?

We should look at DJ and feel a great deal of pride. We were able to watch this goofy, uber-athletic kid turn into an accomplished, elite defensive player with a great mind for the game.


For being loyal

It seems like every year there are talks of DJ being on the trade block. But this year it feels different. It’s early on in the season, and the rumors are because of actual struggles the team is having. It feels real, like something might actually happen soon.

Will he get flipped for a couple of younger players or some picks? It’s possible. But lets take a journey to the past.

DeAndre has stuck with this team for 10 years. Everyone he has played with, he’s seen come or go, or come and go. I’m sure there’s been plenty of times he’s wanted to leave the Clippers. A couple of those times we’ve seen played out.

Think back to the summer of 2015. I bet you can remember exactly how you felt when the news broke that DJ verbally agreed to play with the Mavericks. Imagine how different things would be right now if he had decided to run with them. But he chose us. He felt like he had an obligation to us, like he had some unfinished business. Clippers fans should be thankful that DeAndre chose us.

For him being himself

DJ keeps it real, and nothing else. He always shows his true emotion, and has nothing to hide. He is always his pure, authentic self. You have to appreciate it when someone makes themselves that vulnerable, especially in the public eye.

From his humor, to his on court antics, to his bold fashion choices, to his post game press conference shenanigans. We will never come across another DeAndre.

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Thank you, DeAndre Jordan

Above all, Clippers fans should be thankful for his spirit, kind heart, and the joy he brings this team and the fans. That’s something that can’t be acquired in a trade.