Blake Griffin and the Sh*t LA People Say


The LA Clippers are going through a rough patch right now, but it doesn’t stop their franchise player Blake Griffin from having a little fun.

Blake Griffin posted a video earlier today of the “Sh*t LA People Say.” I know you might be thinking super stereotype, but he was not off base by stating these things that people say in different areas of LA.

I live in Southern California aka SoCal (like some LA people like to say), and watching this video will make you laugh and possibly cry because it is so true…

In the video, Blake went hard at all those LA people, the same that probably come to his games,  but it was in all fun. He probably drinks rice milk and asks for it, so he is probably making fun of himself too.

Watch the Video

He seems like he is just having fun, sadly, it’s probably more fun than the last few games for him too.

Sh*t Los Angeles People Say with Blake Griffin

Is it pronounced a-kai or a-sigh-ee?

Posted by Blake Griffin on Thursday, November 9, 2017

I feel he went into a Starbucks in Hollywood and “literally” heard all the phrases in the video. Literally.

"I basically am Larry David."

Blake Griffin is an observational comedian, even though I doubt he would call himself that, but I can because he is funny to me. He is funny in the way Dane Cook is funny because again they both tell stories and they have great comedic timing.

Watching it a few times makes it even funnier: The soft voice he uses, helps paint a picture of the person he is trying to imitate.


The phrases are given random, especially when he mentions the different types of milk. People from other places probably don’t believe it, but come to LA and listen. Granted, it would be seen more from the HollyWeird area, but it applies to all of SoCal.