The LA Clippers should’ve called Richard Jefferson

INDEPENDENCE, OH - SEPTEMBER 25: Richard Jefferson
INDEPENDENCE, OH - SEPTEMBER 25: Richard Jefferson /

Richard Jefferson just signed with the Denver Nuggets, but the LA Clippers should’ve given him a call.

The LA Clippers of years past would have possibly been the first on the line for a player like Richard Jefferson. This does not seem to be the case with this restructured front office. It would’ve been an interesting play now though, for the fact that he is an NBA champion and brings veteran leadership.

It is truly amazing to look at Richard Jefferson and his 16 year career, and at this point in his career the Clippers wouldn’t have needed him to be a starter. They just need a high-class high energy guy to help with the young group.

A career full of exciting memories with highs and lows. He has been to the top and has felt some horrible losses, one of those wise players you could have on the team. The Clippers have some exciting very young players, but if injuries happen (knock on wood) you want someone proven to help tread water while he’s helping the younger guys off the floor.


A little background on Richard Jefferson, he is coming off a season where he scored 5.7 ppg while shooting 44% from the field. Again, he wouldn’t be called to start but maybe be at the end of the rotation to help lead the second group when he gets playing time. Jefferson played 79 games for the Cleveland Cavaliers last season and 74 the previous season. In his career, he has seven seasons of playing 80 games or more. I am not going to pull up Danilo Gallinari or Blake Griffin‘s injury history.

He played some quality minutes last season in the playoffs and if you can get any production to give your starters a break, you take it. He has good instincts, and he might not be lighting quick, but he makes it tough for opponents when asked to help defend.

How he could’ve helped

He could’ve helped by coming off the bench, and if he shows he can still run up and down with the bench, he could’ve ran with the starters. It should not be a problem because he is stays in shape.

He could’ve earned actual rotation minutes too, because he is still active and can help with certain teams the Clippers play. Jefferson did have a down year last year shooting from deep, but he can help the younger players at practices and play with the bench during the games.

CLEVELAND, OH – OCTOBER 4: Richard Jefferson
CLEVELAND, OH – OCTOBER 4: Richard Jefferson /


He is a player that his teammates love and other team’s players dislike. He gives the sound bites your stars don’t and he brings this cohesive feeling. Jefferson is undoubtedly a glue guy, and he can still put the ball on the ground when the close out comes and either pass or lay it up. He can make their younger guys better and learn by his leadership.


Jefferson understands the player he was and he understands the player he is now, which is likely why he stayed in Denver. Maybe it was best for him.

However, the Clippers should’ve brought him in and seen what he had left in the tank. He is one of the older players but he still can ball. The Clippers need every edge they can get, and Jefferson certainly would’ve fulfilled that role.