Five things I noticed in the Clippers’ second preseason game

HONOLULU, HI - OCTOBER 03: Blake Griffin
HONOLULU, HI - OCTOBER 03: Blake Griffin /
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HONOLULU, HI – OCTOBER 03: Blake Griffin
HONOLULU, HI – OCTOBER 03: Blake Griffin /

The LA Clippers came away with the win in their second game of the 2017-2018 preseason, defeating the Toronto Raptors 98-84. Here are five things that I noticed in the Clippers’ W:

1) Milos Teodosic is a gift that keeps on giving

Milos impressed everyone with his spectacular passing display in the Clippers’ first preseason game, yet somehow came out and topped it with an even more jaw-dropping display in game two. When Teodosic is on the floor, you can’t take your eyes off of the TV without risking missing the Serbian guard drop a dime, like this full-court underhanded sling pass to Patrick Beverley:

Chris Paul was an amazing passer, but Milos may be even more exciting. Teodosic attempts and makes passes that other players, such as Paul, would never even think of trying. The point guard may have only finished with three points and five assists, but almost every one of his assists was highlight worthy and you can see a difference in the team’s play when Teodosic is on the floor. The team pushes the pace and gets out on the break faster when Milos is on the floor because they know the Serbian can find them in transition with an amazing pass. When Teodosic is out there the ball flies around the perimeter and the team moves the ball faster than what we’ve seen in the past few seasons.

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Catch all of Teodosic’s eye-opening assists from the Clips’ second game below:

2) Lob City is alive and well

While the jury is still out on how good this year’s Clippers team will end up being, there’s no doubt that the team is going to be fun to watch. The Clips have always been a fun team to watch with DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin routinely throwing down highlight dunks but the newest additions to the team bring even more pizzaz to the floor. As stated above, Milos Teodosic brings a whole new level of playmaking to the Clippers and completely changes the way the team plays when he is on the floor. The play below cemented itself as one of my favorite plays I’ve ever seen in a Clippers game and it happened in PRESEASON.

I mean come on, that was the epitome of Lob City. Milos with the completely unnecessary behind-the-back pass to PBev and then Bev serving the lob up on a platter for DJ to slam it down with authority.

Even Blake got in on the lob-fest, connecting with DJ for this perfectly executed alley-oop that we’ll see many times throughout the year: