LA Clippers Mamba Mentality Challenge: Patrick Beverley

PLAYA VISTA, CA- JULY 18: Patrick Beverley
PLAYA VISTA, CA- JULY 18: Patrick Beverley /

A few weeks ago, Kobe Bryant issued “Mamba Challenges” to various public personalities. Our staff felt the need to issue our own challenges to each LA Clippers player. Next up is Patrick Beverley.

The LA Clippers‘ new point guard Patrick Beverley is going into a new situation. He is an elite defender, but he will need to step up his scoring if the Clippers want to make some type of run in the playoffs. Beverley and the rest of the Clippers know that they will need more scoring because a lot was lost this past off-season. The team is going to have a completely different look and ball movement will be a point of emphasize.

In Patrick Beverley’s career he only averaged10 plus points twice in his five-year career. The only thing is 2013-2015 seasons’ seen averages of 10.2, 10.1 so his teams have never truly relied on his scoring. During an interview with Adrian Wojnarowski, Beverley brought up his mid range and that he can ball and score. That is a great mentality to have and that is exactly what the Clippers are going to need from their new point guard.

PLAYA VISTA, CA- JULY 18: Patrick Beverley
PLAYA VISTA, CA- JULY 18: Patrick Beverley /

The Challenge

Patrick Beverley’s Mamba Challenge is to bring his scoring average up to 14 points per game.

Patrick Beverley is taking over the reins from the Point God, and no one is expecting him to be that player because he’s a pretty damn good player in his own right. Beverley’s 8.1 FGA is just not going to score enough with the elite teams. J.J Redick and Jamal Crawford’s production is tough to replace but the Clippers have players to step up. It is Beverley, though, that will split handling the ball and will need to put his scoring hat on too. As an outstanding shooter from beyond the arc, this doesn’t seem too far out of reach.

Beverley will have help distributing the ball especially if the ball movement is going to have such an importance placed. He will get a lot of easy assists when throwing the lobs to more skywalkers added in the off-season. He will be able to get easy looks cutting and with Blake and Milo being able to find him in his spots.

Patrick Beverley is a baller. He can score if given the opportunity. His 38% from deep last season is likely to go higher if Milo and Blake can distribute at a high level as well. Patrick is in a better place with the Clippers and we couldn’t be happier to have him. The fans want to field a contender, and the Clips will need Patrick Beverley’s scoring to do it.