Chances the LA Clippers get an NBA 2k historic team

BOSTON - 1974: Bob McAdoo
BOSTON - 1974: Bob McAdoo /
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While NBA 2k18 is lacking a LA Clippers’ historic team, there are a few LA teams who could and should earn a historic team spot in the future.

When NBA 2k18 releases on Friday, September 15th, the game will be missing one particular franchise from its impressive roster of historic NBA teams: The LA Clippers.

The previous iteration of the game, NBA 2k17, featured 45 different historic teams and this year’s edition will add 18 new historic teams to the game’s roster. That brings the number of historic teams featured on the game to a whopping total of 63 historic teams, yet none of them come from the Clippers’ franchise.

While this might be because the company has had trouble getting players to agree to be in the game (this may be why notable Clippers players such as Elton Brand are missing from the team’s All-Time Team in 2k18), it is still disappointing. Here are some teams from the Clippers’ history that would be and should be worthy of being an addition to next year’s 2k historic team lineup.