Sam Dekker has Aaron Rodgers fix his sink

PLAYA VISTA, CA- JULY 18: Sam Dekker
PLAYA VISTA, CA- JULY 18: Sam Dekker /

The LA Clippers’ Sam Dekker managed to get some help from Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

It’s the offseason for the NBA, but football is gearing up to start. Despite the NFL season being days away, Sam Dekker of the LA Clippers managed to get Aaron Rodgers over to his house for some help. Dekker posted a picture of twitter of the Green Bay Packers’ star quarterback on the floor in his kitchen.

Yes. Aaron Rodgers is fixing Sam Dekker’s sink. It’s not something you see every day. Obviously the Wisconsin connection is strong. Dekker, if you remember, went to Wisconsin and was part of the team’s championship game run. Rodgers went and supported the team, so the connection may have been made there.

This does bring up some interesting questions though:

  • Why didn’t Sam just call a plumber?
  • How did Aaron Rodgers just happen to be available to fix the sink?
  • Does Sam have other athlete friends who take care of his lawn, clean his home and work on his car?
  • Why does Sam think someone who fixes the sink is called a mechanic?

Some things, we may just never know. However, we do know that Sam could learn something from Aaron Rodgers about greatness. The quarterback learned under one of the greats in Brett Favre, so I’m sure he has a ton of lessons to pass onto young ears. Sam should take advantage of his friendship with Rodgers and try and pick up any tidbits of information he can.