Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner seen together again, getting serious

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 25: Blake Griffin
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 25: Blake Griffin /

The LA Clippers’ franchise star, Blake Griffin, has been seen on dates with Kendall Jenner (we aren’t quite sure why she’s famous, something to do with Pepsi) several times in the month of August.

We haven’t covered the “Blendall Grenner” drama near as much as any of the endless online celebrity blogs have, but since the two have been spotted more and more over the weeks, we are now more interested. Let’s take a look at all of the times Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner have been seen together.

August 8th/9th, the Kendrick Lamar show

After going to see Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott perform, Griffin and Jenner joined Kris and Kylie Jenner, Chandler Parsons, and Hailey Baldwin for an after party at Avenue nightclub in Los Angeles. At the time this was covered, many reporters and readers alike were confused, thinking that Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky were still together. Rocky and Jenner never confirmed or denied their relationship, but in June a source reportedly told People magazine that they were “definitely still hanging out and are progressively getting more serious.” Hollywood relationships sure are complicated. The interesting part about this night was that Griffin and Jenner were seen leaving in the same limousine around 1 AM.

August 13th, alone for dinner 

This was one of their first dates if not their first date with just the two of them. They arrived separately, ate at the popular Craig’s in West Hollywood, then left separately.

August 30th, double date with Chandler Parsons and Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is best friends with Kendall Jenner, Chandler Parsons and Blake Griffin enjoy spending time together traveling, and together the four get along great. Hailey Baldwin has hung out with Parsons since at least June, so perhaps Griffin and Jenner’s mutual friends are the reason they met. The four celebs ate at Craig’s.

August 31st, Nobu with friends

An onlooker at Nobu even told People magazine that Griffin and Jenner “Weren’t kissing, but definitely acted like they’re seeing each other. They flirted and seemed happy together.” Friends were with the couple, we just aren’t sure who.

September 1st, an afternoon at Soho House

Kendall arrived wearing a sports bra, and Blake arrived in a tank. Soho House is a fancy members only club, so their athletic outfits suggest that they did something more active earlier or after the lunch.

September 2nd, matching outfits out in Malibu

Matching outfits? Already? Perhaps it was coordinated, perhaps it wasn’t, either way the two were wearing clothes with floral patterns. They also look way less camera-shy, unless they had no idea their picture was being taken.

Those are only the dates that have been invaded by paparazzi, and there will probably be more to come. There are rumors that LA Clippers executives have warned Griffin about this relationship, and also that Jenner’s last fling, A$AP Rocky is jealous. Kendall is usually too busy with work for committed relationships, but her current break in LA is the reason for all her time with Griffin, and this reportedly isn’t a serious relationship (yet).

This offseason, Blake Griffin has been the “Poster Child” for his time with Kendall Jenner; let’s hope he can focus and go back to being the “Poster Child” for big time dunks whenever the season starts.