DeAndre Jordan’s durability is invaluable

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - APRIL 21: DeAndre Jordan
SALT LAKE CITY, UT - APRIL 21: DeAndre Jordan /

The LA Clippers have always relied on DeAndre Jordan’s durability.

DeAndre Jordan is unlike any other player. He’s as physically gifted as any guy his size. His uber athleticism makes him one of the most dynamic players in the league. And there’s one thing about him that’s only unique to him and a few others in the league– he never gets injured.

As you’ve probably heard, DeAndre didn’t miss a game at all from the 2011-12 season though the 2014-2015 season. Over that span of time (including the following season) he played in 360 games straight, the longest streak in the league at the time. DJ’s streak was ended not by an injury, but due to illness.

In fact, he’s never had an injury that was bad enough to keep him from missing a game. Even last season, the one game he missed was due to Doc Rivers’ decision to rest him.

Although DJ does possess those coveted “iron man” characteristics, and he’s lucky enough to avoid freak accidents, it takes so much more. He puts in lots of work to make sure his body is in the best shape possible. Even during the offseason, he’s continuously working on his body.

You may have seen clips of him working out with former Clipper, current Knick Sasha Vujacic:

Or participating in other sports like beach volleyball for a new challenge:

“Go DJ, that’s my DJ”

DJ’s durability and consistency is definitely overlooked, and in some ways taken for granted. Most don’t realize how present he always is, until he isn’t. His skill, attentiveness, and leadership on the defensive end holds the team together. Even on the offensive end he does thankless work that goes unnoticed.

Throughout his career, and especially over the past few seasons, DeAndre has been one of the most reliable players in the league, and he’s the one player on the Clippers you could count on to stay healthy and come ready to his job. And while raising his productivity each year, he’s kept his body conditioned and under control.

If the LA Clippers had any success over the past several years, it was largely due to his durability. So much of what the Clippers do is dependent upon him to be present. You can count on him to be on the court every game this season as well, god forbid anything horrible happens. Keep an eye on him this upcoming season, and don’t be surprised if you see something new from him on the court.