Top 5 LA Clippers’ Jerseys in Team History

TARRYTOWN, NY - AUGUST 11: Sindarius Thornwell
TARRYTOWN, NY - AUGUST 11: Sindarius Thornwell /

Last Friday, the LA Clippers unveiled their new Nike Uniforms. We thought it was time to break down the five best uniforms in franchise history.

With Nike taking over as the official jersey sponsors for the NBA, many teams found themselves rocking some new threads; one of these teams being the LA Clippers.

After a few years of hiatus, the return of the blue jerseys excited Clippers’ fans everywhere. The new white jerseys also added a level of excitement.

With the addition of the new jerseys, it got us thinking: What are the greatest jerseys in the history of the Clippers franchise?

#5 LA Stars

The Clippers only wore these for one game, but man, do we miss them. Back in 2012, the NBA celebrated the 45th anniversary of the founding of the ABA with a Hardwood Classics Series. They wore these for their January 26th matchup with the Grizzlies.

The Los Angeles Stars were an ABA franchise that played at the Forum from 1968-1970. Clippers fans are sucker for baby blue (you’ll know more on why later) and there’s just something about these that have stayed in our hearts. The small Los Angeles font in red, the huge white numbers, and the stars on the side of the jerseys all work well together.

#4 Buffalo Braves Orange

Throwing it way back to when they were in Buffalo, nobody rocked orange better than the Braves.

The orange is what makes it so great. How many teams have ever rocked an orange uniform? More importantly, how many have ever pulled it off? The highlight of the jersey is the huge stripe that goes down the middle: a thick white strip, with black and orange lines, capped off with the classic ‘B’ logo. Then, on the side, you have the number right above Buffalo. What also made these unis great, was that the stripe connected with the shorts, giving it the complete look.

#3 Sleeved Blue

Majority of NBA fans can agree on one thing: The sleeved jerseys are horrendous and should never be worn again. Ironically, this is where we saw one of the greatest uniforms in LA Clippers’ history.

As mentioned earlier, Clippers fans are suckers for baby blue. And boy, were these pretty. The same design as the Clippers jerseys from that season, these top the others because of how gorgeous they simply look. The simplicity of the ‘Los Angeles’ and numbers on the front, as well as the stripes down the side are timeless.

What also added to the uniforms were the nautical flags on the side of the shorts. The Clippers used nautical flags to tease the new jerseys, reading “Blue Back”.

#2 San Diego Blue

I’m telling you, we’re suckers for the baby blue.

You can’t beat the classics. As mentioned, we love the blue, but something about these simple jerseys just drives us nuts. The ‘San Diego’ and how it’s curved. The big wavy numbers. The orange outlines. The short shorts are an added bonus, as well.

#1 The Bill Walton Blues

These are what they are famously known as.

Simple. Basic. But still the best. The LA Clippers haven’t done better since these. The old style font and numbers are beautiful. The dark blue looks fantastic. The red and white outlines give it a patriotic feel to them. Truly an all-time classic, and one of the most underrated jerseys in NBA history.

Let us know if you agree with our choices in the comments!