Speculation: What Will the Next LA Clippers Jersey Look Like?

TARRYTOWN, NY - AUGUST 11: Sindarius Thornwell
TARRYTOWN, NY - AUGUST 11: Sindarius Thornwell /

On August 11, the LA Clippers announced via Instagram and Twitter that they will release their next uniforms, the “Statement Edition”, in September. What will they look like?

The Clippers offseason has been nothing short of eventful, and now we have something else to look forward to.

As we know, every NBA team will be getting 4 Nike jerseys to wear during the course of the season. An additional 8 teams will get a 5th jersey, a recreation of a classic uniform rightly dubbed the “Classic” edition. The “Icon” edition replaced the road uniform, and the “Association” edition replaced the home uniform. The remaining two, one of which will be named the “Statement” edition, are to be inspired by the community and the athlete’s mindset, according to Nike.

Those who weren’t impressed by the new Clippers jerseys should be very excited as well. According to Steve Kyler, the remaining two jerseys will be the ones where you “see more creativity.” It’s also worth noting that the black jerseys could be making a return, and some form of a red uniform as well.

While we could see a black jersey return, I find it highly unlikely that the same black jerseys return. If a team unveils all new home and road jerseys, why bring back an older design as an alternate? I get that they were fan favorites, I even have one of my own. However, paired with Kyler’s comments about the creativity shining through and the all new designs, it just seems too unlikely.

One thing is for sure, though – those hideous red uniforms from last season will not be returning. I remember reading before that not even the players liked them, which was part of the reason why the black jerseys became the main road jersey last season. That doesn’t entirely rule out a new red jersey, however. The Clippers’ 4 primary colors are white, red, blue, and black. It would make plenty of sense if one of the last two was a better looking red uniform.