Further details on J.J. Redick’s free agency decision

J.J. Redick, LA Clippers
J.J. Redick, LA Clippers /

With J.J. Redick gone from the LA Clippers, further details emerge regarding his free agency decision through a short documentary released by Uninterrupted today.

Yesterday, we provided details of J.J. Redick’s decision to leave the LA Clippers in free agency, provided through his podcast. Today, with the release of a short documentary entitled ‘The Process’, Clippers fans received further insight.

Redick talked about his drive to Staples Center before games, and how much he enjoyed surveying downtown LA. He mentioned that he was acutely aware that the drive to the arena prior to Game 7 against the Utah Jazz could have been his last.

J.J. Redick is introduced prior to the LA Clippers game in Utah
SALT LAKE CITY, UT – APRIL 21: J.J. Redick /

In sobering news for LA Clippers fans, J.J. directly addressed the murmurings within NBA circles that the Clippers were not as functional as they could have been. Many among us may have believed that the team were not enjoying themselves in recent years, and Redick didn’t hold back.

"“Every year that I’ve been in LA, like, we’ve talked about winning a championship. You know the expectations have been the same every year, so the disappointment’s the same every year.”"

"“It’s shitty to say this but I’ve… I think I’ve had a loss of joy. I look at our team and how we play and there’s no joy in it.”"

Although things may not have been as peachy as the Clippers and their fans may have hoped, and given that J.J. believed he would retire a Clipper, it should be reinforced that the parting of the ways was on good terms. Clippers executive Lawrence Frank called J.J. to let him know that he was not going to be offered a new contract and J.J. mentioned multiple times on his podcast that he has no problem with anybody on the Clips’ roster or in the front office.

We at Clipperholics once again thank J.J. for his years in Clippers colors, and look forward to his return to Staples Center.

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