NBA 2K18: Projecting the LA Clippers’ Ratings

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30: DeAndre Jordan
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30: DeAndre Jordan /
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Wesley Johnson will feature in NBA 2K18.
DENVER, CO – MARCH 16: Head coach Doc Rivers talks with Wesley Johnson /

Wesley Johnson

NBA 2K16: 72

NBA 2K17: 73 (Updated to 70)

NBA 2K18 projection: 70

Wes didn’t do much to impress last season, nor did he do much in his limited playing time to disappoint. Basically, we know what we are getting from Johnson at this point, and so does 2K. Don’t be surprised if his rating drops, but also don’t be surprised if he is simply copied and pasted in from last year’s game.