DeAndre Jordan might be shooting jumpers now

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30: DeAndre Jordan
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30: DeAndre Jordan /

Brace yourselves because DeAndre Jordan might be shooting jump shots for the LA Clippers now.

When a player the caliber of Chris Paul leaves your team, it has a tremendous impact on the entire team. New players have new roles to fill. Returning players must make sacrifices to accomodate new changes. And above all, everybody needs to improve by adding to their skillsets. How are LA Clippers’ players changing?

Well brace yourselves, because DeAndre Jordan is shooting jump shots now.–_BTFT/?taken-by=deandre

He posted this on Instagram last night, to the surprise of, well, just about everyone. We can’t really be sure what this means for the team moving forward. And for someone who has never shot 50% from the free throw line, it’s kind of a head scratcher.

If you recall, once, Dwight Howard posted a video of himself shooting three pointers. The result was him getting traded. Fingers crossed the same thing doesn’t happen for our beloved DJ. But we might be safe from this because signs are pointing toward DJ along with Blake Griffin being Clippers for life.

Can we expect DeAndre to expand his offensive game soon? It’s not far fetched. For his entire career, his game has been pretty limited, being that it is mostly dunks or lay-ins facilitated by someone else. But DJ is completely capable of becoming a more versatile player.

Just imagine what a jump shooting DJ could do for this team. Even if it’s something that’s only utilized on occasion, it would be a great weapon to keep in our arsenal. And whether or not he’s actually shooting a jumper in this photo is debatable. Nevertheless, seeing signs of offensive growth for him is exciting.

It could only help the team…right?

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