J.J. Redick signs 1 year $23 million contract with 76ers


Former LA Clippers’ player J.J. Redick has decided to #TrustTheProcess.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski, former LA Clippers’ guard J.J. Redick signed a one year, $23 million dollar deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.

J.J. had an amazing 4 years as part of the Clippers core four. Although his not-so-great playoff series against the Jazz left a bad taste in people’s mouths, he was great for the team nonetheless.

During his time with the Clippers, J.J. averaged 15.8 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 1.6 assists on 46.6% shooting. He truly flourished under the Clippers system with Chris Paul as his point guard. But now, his offensive game will be in the hands of young players such as Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. It’ll be a huge culture change for Redick, but he now has 23 million reasons to go play in Philly.

Now that the Clippers no longer have their Paul-Redick backcourt. It may be time that we see Patrick Beverly and Austin Rivers starting for the team. This could potentially work out well, especially if Blake Griffin is doing the distributing. It’ll also be an insanely good defensive lineup, depending on who the Clippers pick up as their small forward.

If things go right with that new 76ers team, they’ll also be a team with a new identity ready to taste success. It’s no doubt that J.J. will be a good addition to the team. And he more than deserves his payday that Los Angeles more than likely wouldn’t have been able to give him.

J.J. gave the Clippers lots a good moments and memories, but just like CP3, it was time for him to move on. We can only hope for the best for him in Philadelphia. It is now time for him to “trust the process”, and it’ll be much appreciated by his new bank account. So long, J.J., and thank you for everything you gave to LA.