LA Clippers employees wore shirts comparing Griffin to MLK, Mandela

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 15: Paul Millsap /

The LA Clippers organization had an interesting way of celebrating their franchise player’s new deal.

According to Marc J. Spears of ESPN, Clippers employees wore these custom made T-shirts after Blake Griffin inked his new, 5 year, $173 million dollar contract.

Likening Blake Griffin to MLK, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela doesn’t seem out of touch at all.

But the reality of things is that he really is a pioneer for the franchise. He was the first to lift the team up off the ground, all by himself. He’s remained the face of the franchise his entire career, even when Chris Paul was the best player on the squad. And he could be the first to be a career-long Clipper and have his jersey retired. That’s an amazing legacy to have, even if he doesn’t win a ring. (Or lead the Civil Rights movement, or fight apartheid in South Africa).

It’s a shame that CP3 couldn’t also be a pioneer along with Blake. And Blake probably feels the same way, given the subtle jab with the #loyalty on his most recent Instagram post. (Chris recently opted-in to his contract so he could be traded to the Houston Rockets.)

What Chris and Blake built in Los Angeles will never be forgotten. But Blake is truly something special to this organization, something that CP3 never will be. A pioneer.

Blake has certainly done a lot for this team, and has been here for every bump, twist, and turn of the ride. He could’ve just left for a new beginning or better chance at winning a ring in a different city. So it means a lot that he decided to stay, and that he wants his legacy to be as a Clipper.

There’s only one question that needs answering:

Where can we get one of those shirts?