Speculation: LA Clippers should take a look at Chris Bosh

Although he hasn’t played a game in nearly two years, could we potentially see Chris Bosh finding his way to the LA Clippers?

The Miami Heat and Chris Bosh are working towards an agreement that would allow him to become a free-agent. Bosh, who hasn’t had a fully healthy season since 2013-2014, would be off the team salary if this were to happen. Once the deal goes through, should the LA Clippers take a look at him if the money is right?

Due to health concerns, Bosh missed the entire 2016-2017 campaign. He also appeared in only 53 games the season prior, and 44 before that. The 13-year veteran has been battling with multiple blood clot-related issues. Last year, Bosh claimed he was healthy enough to play, but he went on to fail a preseason physical.

Chris Bosh will now be able to sign with any team. This is where the Clippers come into play.


As mentioned earlier, Bosh hasn’t played a fully healthy season in nearly three years. With the blood cots being such an issue and a red-flag for many NBA teams, it’s likely Bosh may never suit up for an NBA game ever again. However, he’s not letting that stop him. It’s evident Bosh still wants to play, and is ready to make an NBA comeback.

Could it be with the LA Clippers?

Chris Bosh is still only 33 years old, so he still does have some gas left in the tank. The question is, are the Clippers willing to risk that? With such a strong medical background over the last few years, it’s unclear if Bosh would even be able to make it through a season.

Another factor is whether or not Bosh would accept a bench role. If the Clippers keep their core in tact, there will be no room in the starting lineup for him. It’s likely he’d have to be coming off the bench every night. For a player who has averaged 20+ points in six seasons, that might be tough for him.

Oh, and just one more factor. And probably the most important. Money. Bosh will more than likely not settle for the veterans minimum, something the Clippers will only be able to offer him. He’ll probably want a good-sized contract. However, if he decided it’s not about the money, and he truly just wants to play basketball again, it could happen.

With the news of Mo Speights opting out of his contract, there will be a spot open on the bench for a big man. Could Bosh be that man?

It’s a tough situation to be in. The health issues are scary, and could be risky, but there’s no doubt Bosh could potentially be a major steal. Let us know what you think!