LA Clippers’ North Carolina Ties: The Duke and UNC Rivalry

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Raymond Felton, UNC 2002 – 2005

On the opposite side of the court from J.J. Redick during his Duke tenure was Raymond Felton. The UNC guard may not have had as illustrious of a career as Redick, but he earned one award that J.J. didn’t: A National Championship.

Felton, who was a Naismith Player of the Year finalist in his sophomore year, took the Tar Heels to the National Championship in his third and final year in school. Felton sealed the game for the Tar Heels when he got a clutch steal as Illinois tried to tie the game in the final seconds.

As for his career against Duke, Felton was part of an altercation with the Blue Devils. Duke’s Dahntay Jones tried to control a rebound and accidentally (depending which side you’re on) smacked Felton hard across the face. Raymond Felton and the Tar Heels took exception to this and went after Jones. There was a scuffle and the teams had to be separated. Just another Duke vs UNC game, right?