The Morning After: Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan’s first NBA All-Star Game

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The last night of All Star Weekend brought much excitement with some of the leagues best players, including the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan.

The NBA All Star weekend has always been exciting and this year was no different. The game capped off a big weekend of basketball action. This year’s story lines ranged from: old teammates, post game trades, to DeAndre’s (and others) first All-Star appearance. The game was a highlight reel opposite of this year’s actual dunk contest.

Sunday night, the West came, they saw, and they conquered the East. The West took it to the East 192-182. It was a game full of high flyingand little defense. Usually toward the end of the game, players start to tighten down the defense, but that never came and both teams went on to score the most in All-Star history for combined points in a quarter (101), for a half (189), and the game (374).

Here are take-aways from last nights game!