NBA: Ranking the Pacific Division teams

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4 – Sacramento Kings

2014-15 record: 29-53
Key Additions: Rajon Rondo (FA), Willie Cauley-Stein (draft), Kosta Koufos (FA), Caron Butler (FA)
Key Losses: Derrick Williams (FA), Nik Stauskus (trade), Andre Miller (FA)

The Lakers have a foundation set. The Kings? They’ve a mountain surrounded by mole-hills in star center DeMarcus Cousins. Everything else? Up in the air because the Kings can’t stop themselves from being the Kings, which is sad because for another year we’ll see the talents of Cousins wasted as this franchise hopes to vault into the playoff race but lack the wits in the front office (coaching carousel, coach/star drama, not-so smart owner/gm, etc.) to do it without taking three steps backward to its two forward, hence their no.4 spot, where they sat last season.

I personally enjoy some additions made this off-season: finally giving Cousins a defensive release with Cauley-Stein and Koufos on the floor. But those two deals are clouded by the bad, giving Rondo $10 million, regardless of it being a one-year deal and trading away Nik Stauskus and very valuable assets for much of nothing; these are decisions bad franchise continually make, and wonder why they continue to be bad despite the mirage that they’re improving to be something the next season.

Let’s say Rondo magically bounces back. Then the team doesn’t look as bad as they do on paper. But I’m not betting on it — and haven’t had a reason to believe so for a year and a half — and expect this group to round out with wins in the 30 – 38 range.