Looking Ahead: 4 Centers the Clippers Can Target in 2016

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  • If a Clippers fan is pessimistic about the upcoming season, nobody can blame them. Even after another eventful postseason that ended with the Clippers on the wrong side of jokes after failing to make the Western Conference finals again in the Chris PaulBlake Griffin era, the Clippers were primed to again be a threat in the Western Conference, especially after adding Lance Stephenson and Paul Pierce to the bench while dangling Jamal Crawford as trade bait for depth.

    Then DeAndre Jordan left, bringing all hopes to a crashing and abrupt halt … at least for the time being.

    If Doc Rivers and company play their cards right, their status as non-contenders in the West could stand to be a one-season happening, bouncing back a year from now team as the Clippers — based on current construction — could enter the summer of 2016 with max cap space.

    If Kevin Durant expresses an ounce of interest in joining the Clippers next summer you go for it. If not, sights should be turned toward improving the frontcourt, finding DeAndre Jordan’s replacement in the process.

    With that said, here are four centers Doc Rivers and co. could target next summer, ranging from superstar big to an appealing role player.

    Honorable Mentions: Roy Hibbert (depends mostly on how Hibbert performs in a contract year with the Los Angeles Lakers), Al Horford (feels unlikely, but Horford would be an excellent two-way center to place alongside Blake Griffin)

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