NBA Playoffs, Clippers-Spurs: Player Grades for Game 7


The Los Angeles Clippers vs. the San Antonio Spurs was previewed as the highlight of an otherwise bland and run of the mill first round. Through six games, both sides delivered top of the line performances, trading victories left and right to force this series to a pivotal, loser goes home, game seven.

In last night’s Game 7 contest, fans were treated to what was by far the most exciting, energetic, and intense contest in this years’ playoffs thus far. The Los Angeles Clippers came away from the game with a win, and will advance to the second round where the Houston Rockets await them in a clash of the West’s second and third seeds.

Before we look ahead to that contest, let’s take a look back at what the boys of Lob City were able to do in the most pivotal game they played all year:

A+. I am a firm believer that there is no way to put an actual statistical value on a player’s ability when it matters most. <a href=. PG. Los Angeles Clippers. CHRIS PAUL

B. <a href=. SG. Los Angeles Clippers. J.J. REDICK

MATT BARNES. B+. Similar to J.J. Redick, few will remember the solid outing by <a href=. SF. Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers. BLAKE GRIFFIN. A. There’s something to be said about a man who can come away from any game with a triple-double in the stats column. Fittingly, even more can be said if the man does it on multiple occasions in a playoff series against the defending champions, and one of his triple-doubles comes in a pivotal game seven. <a href=. PF

Without question, <a href=. C. Los Angeles Clippers. DEANDRE JORDAN. C

. Los Angeles Clippers. THE BENCH. C. It feels as though time and again I have to point out that the Clippers bench begins and ends with <a href=

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