Clippers show plenty in annual NBA GM survey


The annual NBA superlatives a.k.a. general manager surveys have been released on and with an improved roster, one that included’s two league superstars and an impressive bench, the Clippers — or it’s players — made many appearances.

The biggest? The Clippers, according to 11.5% of surveyed general managers, will win the 2015 NBA Finals. The 11.5 percent votes were third behind the San Antonio Spurs (46.2%) and Cleveland Cavaliers (15.4%) and tied with the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs.

Other team-related marks? The Clippers ranked third (11.1%) to win the Western Conference finals, and picked first to win the Pacific division (81.5%).

In regards to individual assessments, the Clippers were all over the survey:

  • Blake Griffin and Chris Paul both received votes to win MVP.
  • Blake Griffin received votes for “most likely to breakout in 2015”.
  • Chris Paul received 71.4% of votes for best point guard in the NBA.
  • Blake Griffin received 25.0% of votes for best power forward in the NBA, tied first with LaMarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trail Blazers.
  • Spencer Hawes ranked second (14.3%), tied with Omer Asik of New Orleans, in “most underrated player” off-season acquisition.
  • Chris Paul received 7.1% votes for “best perimeter defender in the NBA.”
  • Chris Paul received the most votes for “active player to make the best head coach someday” — shooting guard J.J. Redick also received a vote for the mentioned accolade.

The coaching staff received a lot of love also.

Doc Rivers received the second most votes for best head coach in the NBA behind San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich. Rivers also received votes for “best manager/motivator” in the NBA, again behind Popovich, best “in-game adjustments”, and running the best offense. Surprisingly, Rivers received no votes for “best defensive schemes”.

Outside of Rivers, both Mike Woodson and Lawrence Frank, the latest additions to Doc Rivers’ coaching staff, received votes for best assistant coaches in the NBA.

In the miscellaneous section, the Clippers also made several appearances:

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    • 21.4% of GM’s voted the Clippers as the team most fun to watch, second behind the Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors.
    • 10.7% of GM’s voted Blake Griffin the most athletic player in the league, second behind four-time Most Valuable Player in LeBron James. DeAndre Jordan also received a vote in this category.
    • J.J. Redick was ranked second behind Kyle Korver for best player in the league at moving without the ball.
    • Jamal Crawford, the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, received votes for “best at getting his own shot.”
    • DeAndre Jordan 7.1% of votes for “best offensive rebounders in the league”.
    • Chris Paul, at 64.3%, dominated “best passer in the league.”
    • Again behind LeBron James, Blake Griffin ranked second at finishing at the rim.
    • Chris Paul received a vote for “toughest player in the league”. It should be mentioned that Paul is the shortest player to appear on this list.
    • Chris Paul, second behind Tim Duncan, received 28.6% of votes for “best leader”.
    • J.J. Redick received a vote for best role player in the NBA.
    • Last but not least, Chris Paul was voted first by 28.6% of GM’s to have the best basketball I.Q. in the NBA.

    To view the entire general managers survey, click here.