NBA 2K15 Ratings: Chris Paul, 91


Annnnnnnd, we’re finally here.

Sitting back while 2K Sports released player ratings by the hundreds (then 50s, then 10s), we’ve finally reached the final Clippers player to appear on the list and the honor goes to none other than point guard Chris Paul whose rated a 91 on the game.

In my eyes, Chris Paul is one of the five best players in the NBA, so his rating is justified — on 2K15, Paul is rated third best behind LeBron James (98) and Kevin Durant (95); Tim Duncan (90) and several tied at rating 89 round out the top-5. He’s as complete a point guard you’ll find in the NBA and is the best player on championship contender.

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  • To get a bigger grasp of 2K’s ratings, here are the top-10 point guards in the game:

    1: Chris Paul (Los Angeles) – 91
    2: Stephen Curry (Golden State) – 89
    3T: Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City) – 88
    3T: Derrick Rose (Chicago) – 88
    3T: Tony Parker (San Antonio) – 88
    6T: Damian Lillard (Portland) – 87
    6T: Rajon Rondo (Boston) – 87
    8T: Kyrie Irving (Cleveland) – 86
    8T: John Wall (Washington) – 86
    10: Kyle Lowry (Toronto) – 85

    This is a solid list, but as always, I’ve my gripes (they really don’t matter, but I’m such a finicky 2K player that I can’t help but express them).

    The biggest are the placements of Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo. At one point in time Rose and Rondo were top-5 point guards, but those positions are no longer held. Rondo is recovering from an ACL injury (and now a broken hand) while Rose is looking to return to the player he once was. And until they prove they can be those guys again, I see no reason in rating them so high.

    If you push those two down, the ratings begin to look right. Another issue is the absence of Goran Dragic. Last season, the Suns PG was one of the five best guards in the league and that should be represented in 2K15.

    Overall, these are pretty good ratings and better than what we’ve seen in the past from 2K Sports.

    NBA 2K15 releases October 7.