Link Dump: Instant Jared Dudley trade reactions


Disrupting the peace qualms in Los Angeles, the Clippers made a surprising move, trading small forward Jared Dudley and a 2017 first-round pick to the Milwaukee Bucks for Carlos Delfino, Miroslav Raduljica, and a 2015 second-round pick.

Amongst the community, the trade wasn’t met with excellent receptions–at least on the Clippers end. On one end of the spectrum, fans were happy to dump Dudley follow his down season. On the other end, fans were unhappy the Clippers dumped Dudley without giving the forward an attempt to recover his game after what could be seen as an outlier, as well as frustrated with the addition of the 2017 first-round selection (Clippers can’t trade a first-round pick until 2019).

With many minds conversing on the trade, we looked to the internet for some of the best thoughts on the trade and here is what we came up with:

Ben Golliver (Sports Illustrated) – Trade Grades: Clippers ship Dudley to Bucks for Delfino, Raduljica

"Dudley is the biggest loser in this trade, as he heads to another rebuilding situation in which his game won’t be of much use, but the Clippers — now and retroactively — aren’t too far behind. Last season, his first in Phoenix, Bledsoe showed flashes of All-Star potential down the road, and all the Clippers have to show for that asset now is Redick, who missed more than half of last season with injuries. Although it was also able to escape paying Butler, L.A. now must forfeit a 2017 first-round pick for the right not to pay Dudley. Hindsight certainly makes this series of trades look like a mess for L.A., unless Rivers finds a way to salvage things by stretching Delfino and using the new-found flexibility to add a true difference-maker. The return of the second-round pick helps keeps this move from being a flat “F.”"

Dan Sinclair (BrewHoop) – Bucks turn nothing into something with Dudley deal

"In fact, the trade seems like such an obviously good move for the Bucks that it’s almost difficult to rationalize. Normally when a contending team makes a deal with a bottom-feeder, there’s a clear win-now/win-later dichotomy. The immediate reaction on our site was overwhelmingly positive, and nearly everyone took the move as another sign that the organization’s new focus is squarely on the future where it belongs. All this despite the Bucks not hurting their current position or jeopardizing current priorities much at all."

Kevin Pelton (ESPN Insider) – Grades: Clippers dump Dudley deal

"This seems to be a case where Rivers the executive has been overruled by Rivers the coach, as the latter now gets a chance to fill out his roster with more of the veterans he likes. That kind of short-term thinking is the danger in giving a coach full power to run an organization. Besides the missing pick, the Clippers will also be carrying an extra million dollars on their cap the next two summers if they stretch Delfino, which could prevent them from using the full mid-level exception again next year.Perhaps, because of the camp situation, the Clippers had no choice but to make a move. If so, this was a costly solution."

D.J. Foster (Bleacher Report) – Jared Dudley Trade Invites Major Risk for Los Angeles Clippers

"While it’s understandable that the Clippers want to fill holes now, particularly if there are free agents available that they covet, increasing Dudley’s trade value might have been as simple as giving him playing time early on this season. With the Clippers all but guaranteed a playoff spot, that might have been worthwhile in order not to sacrifice a future asset like a draft pick.It’s also important to remember that the Clippers don’t exactly have great depth at small forward. While Matt Barnes and Reggie Bullock should be able to handle the duties, the rest of the Clippers’ options at the 3 are awfully small and don’t provide the defense or rebounding that should be desired at that spot."