What’s in a Shot Chart: The Clippers Reserves

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Glen Davis

He’s grown in experience, but Davis’ game has changed little.

Since joining the league as a Boston Celtic, Davis was relied on for his ability to shoot the mid-range jumper. That trend has not changed as he was expected to do so for the Clippers.

Like Blake Griffin on the left elbow, Davis’ sweet spot is on the right elbow, shooting far above the league average from that spot. Everywhere else, Davis is so-so. A good sign for Big Baby? There are more yellow spots (league average) than blue (below league average) meaning he’s well-rounded in most areas surrounding the paint.

Improvements? As I mentioned above, you know what Davis is capable of. Shooting better is all you can ask of him. Like Jared Dudley, Davis’ mid-range shooting in his 23 games as a Clipper last season may be a statistical anomaly. Prior to joining the Clippers, Davis shot [a career-high] 43% from 16 feet < 3-point line a.k.a. mid-range. With the Clippers? A career-low 25%. For his career, Davis keys in at 36%, somewhat average for a power forward.

What does that all mean? Again, like Dudley, the odds tell us he’s due to shoot better next season than he did previously.