What’s in a Shot Chart: The Clippers Reserves

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Jared Dudley

If Jared Dudley’s defense was as good as his offense, he may have never fell out of the rotation.

In a year where his field-goal percentage dropped to a career-low 43%, one area of his game that didn’t flail was his mid-range shooting. In fact, according to basketball-reference, Dudley shot a career-high 50 percent from between 16 feet and the three-point line, and it certainly shows on the shot chart.

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  • Unfortunately, Dudley’s shooting dipped everywhere else. He shot his worst three-point percentage (36%) since the 2007-08 season. On the outside looking in, that’s an excellent percentage. The league average in 2012-13 per HoopData was 36% so he’s on par with the rest of the league, but for a near-40% career three-point shooter, that’s a steep drop.

    Luckily, math is on Dudley’s side. Not including his rookie season, Dudley has shot 38% or higher from three in five out of six seasons. Because of inconsistent playing time and injured (and possibly confidence), last season may end up an anomaly as it deviates form what has become the statistical norm for Dudley–a positive for the Clippers.