What’s in a Shot Chart: The Clippers Starters

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Blake Griffin

Alongside DeAndre Jordan, two of the Clippers three starting frontcourt members were unable to spread the floor, ultimately compromising the teams ability to spread the floor. And in 2013-14, Griffin made it his responsibility to improve his mid-range jump shot.

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  • And based on the above shot chart, he’s off to an excellent start.

    It seems that Griffin has found himself a hot-spot on the floor, right above the left block. It’s a common area for Griffin to end up at, with he and Chris Paul running the pick-and-roll on that end of the floor. Everywhere else, Griffin was below the league average. Even with an improving jump shot, teams are still daring him to shoot the jump shot. But with each jump shot made, the threat to score in the paint.

    The ideal growth for Griffin going into next season? An improvement in mid-range shooter. Fifth in mid-range attempts for forwards, Griffin finished with a respectable percentage of 37.1%, slightly lower than LeBron James (38.5%) and slight above Tim Duncan (36.7%). The leap would be Griffin heading into LaMarcus Aldridge territory (42%) and a quantum leap would be joining Serge Ibaka territory (46.9%), the former being much more plausible than the latter.

    SN: Those little glimpses of red in the corner’s could be something to keep an eye on.