What’s in a Shot Chart: The Clippers Starters

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Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes provides three things to the Clippers: three-point shooting, perimeter defense, and toughness. While he’s good at all three, only one appears above.

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  • The contrast in where Barnes flourished and where he struggled is quite amusing. On the left wing (and top of the arch), Barnes was an elite shooter. On the right wing, Barnes shot below the league average.

    Barnes shot poorly from the corners. In general, the Clippers were a poor corner-shooting team. According to NBA Stats, the Clips shot the 6th worst shooting percentage on corner three-pointers (33.2%). Obviously, Barnes isn’t helping much in that category.

    In regards to future improvement, all fans can hope for with Barnes is that he shoots the ball better–an idea that may be a bit farfetched. His 34% from three in 2013-14 is on par with his career average of 33% and the third highest percentage of his career.

    But with the amount of open shots that’ll be available to Barnes throughout the season, the opportunity to improve his percentages next season will be a available.