What’s in a Shot Chart: The Clippers Starters

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J.J. Redick

Once you remove injuries from the equation, J.J. Redick had a pretty good season. In the Eric Bledsoe three-team trade, Redick was acquired to spread the floor, and above shows he did exactly that.

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His three-point shooting was well balanced, outside of a few areas on each wing and near the top of the arch. And when the Clippers ran a play within the three-point line, typically a curl or Redick coming off a down-screen from the lower block, he found himself in his comfort zone, knocking down mid-range jump shots at an extremely efficient rate.

With three-point shooting and dunk contests the wave, it’d be interesting to see a mid-range contest between Redick, Paul, and Jared Dudley, all players who thrive from the area.

Redick’s real improvement for next season has more to do with health issues than his shooting. Of course, he could shoot better. The bigger the threat Redick is, the more open the floor becomes for cutters and big men. But if he came into next season shooting these exact same numbers, anyone would hardly complain.