Some (Late) Thoughts on the C.J. Wilcox Selection


Due to a trip to San Francisco,  I was unable to fully take in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Dipping in and out, catching all of the intricacies that make the draft showing enjoyable, I was a bit flummoxed at the Clippers selection to take the University of Washington’s guard C.J. Wilcox with the 28th overall pick of the draft. With the season months away, one can only critique what Wilcox has done on the collegiate stage, picking apart his game and separating the “this will convert to the NBA well” from “this is gonna be a problem in the NBA”.

A bit of an unknown prospect compared to the marquee prospects of a lauded draft, much of Clippers nation was shocked, but after several days to take it all in, do a little research, and viewing what else happened following the 28th pick, a few notes have come to mind on the Clippers pick and the aftermath of their selection:

  • Notable players selected after Wilcox: Kyle Anderson (30-Spurs), K.J. McDaniels (32-Sixers), Cleanthony Earley (34-Knicks), Jarnell Stokes (35-Memphis), Glenn Robinson III (40-Minnesota).
  • I personally wanted the Clippers to go with Kyle Anderson. If you’re gonna get a player that doesn’t address any real need, you may as well go with the one ranked highest on majority draft boards, no?
  • Refuting my above statement, here is Doc on the decision to take Clarkson: “As the draft goes on, you’re looking at need, and then as all your guys you wanted for need start leaving, then you say, okay, let’s go best player, and when it came to 28, we thought he was the best player available.”
  • Am I the only one that has begun to question Rivers’ personnel decisions? There have been few moves made under his wing that haven’t… made sense in regard to the current team build. With an abundance of offense on the roster, Rivers has yet to fill in the puzzle with defensive pieces. If the 2014 NBA Finals showed us anything, balance is key.
  • Of course, at least according to Draft Express, defense is a huge issue for Wilcox.
  • It’s odd to see the Clippers draft two shooting guards in back-to-back first rounds. Going into the season with four shooting guards doesn’t seem ideal.
  • Does the Clippers failing to address a need say more about their inability to scout players or the pool of players left when the 28th pick was on the board?
  • Wilcox seems to be the inverse of Reggie Bullock. While Bullock was a noted three shooter in college, it was his defense that translated the fastest in the NBA. Based on the footage, Wilcox’s three will be his immediate niche.
  • C.J. Wilcox is going to rock the #30 for the Clippers. Notable players to dawn the same number for this franchise? Reggie Evans (2012), Kerry Kittles (2005), Olden Polynice (2004), Bo Kimble (1991-92), and Jim Garvin (1974, he was the first Clipper ever to wear 30).
  • Here is an interesting quote from Doc Rivers made during the brief press conference held following the Wilcox selection: “…when we picked Reggie [Bullock] and we didn’t need a three at the time…” If Bullock is a three in Doc’s rotation, this puts Wilcox third on the depth chart at shooting guard.
  • Based on his game, Wilcox could be perfect J.J. Redick insurance. There would be growing pains, but his strengths are awfully similar to Redick’s; the ability to shoot off screens, top-notch spot-up shooter. If injury becomes an issue, C.J. could swiftly transform into the 2014-15 version of Willie Green minus the “consummate professional” label.