2014 NBA Mock Draft: Who should the Milwaukee Bucks take at #2?


NBA Mock Draft — Usually it’s the team with the number one pick that has i easiest, but that title belongs to the Milwaukee Bucks this year. Despite their being three marquee prospects, the Bucks’ decision will be made based on whoever the Cleveland Cavaliers take first overall. Based on majority mock drafts and draft experts (ie. Chad Ford of ESPN), the top pick may be Joel Embiid, leaving the Bucks to choose between Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins.

As with the Cavaliers, either wing would be a great pick, but with offense being a real issue for this club, Parker makes the most season. Last season only the 76ers, Magic, Bulls, and Celtics had a worse offensive rating than the Bucks (100.2). With Parker’s ability to play in the post, resembling the modern-day stretch-four, this would allow the Bucks to keep some defensive integrity by fitting Parker in between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Larry Sanders.

Here is the collection of the latest mock drafts from around the NBA pertaining to the Milwaukee Bucks and the number two overall pick:

NBA Draft Net – F Andrew Wiggins (Kansas)

My NBA Draft – F Jabari Parker (Duke)

Basketball Insiders (Steven Kyler) – F Andrew Wiggins (Kansas)

Draft Express (Jonathan Givony) – F Jabari Parker (Duke)

"While Dante Exum is seemingly a sleeper at this spot (or possibly a little lower if the Bucks decide to move down), Jabari Parker is currently the favorite to get picked second overall here according to most reports we’ve received. Parker looks like he could be a terrific fit next to Giannis Antetokounmpo, as his skill-set is very compatible and he could be cross-matched nicely at the forward spot with the tall Greek wing. Parker has expressed no qualms about playing in Milwaukee, just up the road from his hometown of Chicago."

Bright Side of the Sun – F Jabari Parker (Duke)

"There’s a weird debate going on as to whether or not it’s Jabari or Wiggins who wouldn’t be able to play well with Giannis. I think it’s Jabari who can play well with him, as Wiggins and Giannis both still struggle in ballhandling, and you’ve got Giannis and Larry Sanders who can back up Jabari defensively. Jabari is the elite scorer they need, sees the floor well, and is a great passer. He’s not the better prospect than Wiggins in my opinion, but it’s a much better fit for the Bucks and Jabari."

Yahoo! Sports (Marc J. Spears) – F Jabari Parker (Duke)

"The Chicago native has been working out hard in Los Angeles, will likely go here, where he is not far from home."

Bleacher Report (Donald Wood) – F Andrew Wiggins (Kansas)

"Assuming that the Philadelphia 76ers don’t trade up to the No. 1 spot, as ESPN’s Chard Ford is reporting could happen, the Milwaukee Bucks will find the franchise’s next top star with Kansas small forward Andrew Wiggins."

CSN Washington (Ben Standig) – F Jabari Parker (Duke)

"Parker offers the most immediate help of the top three picks. It’s also been reported that the Chicago-raised Parker is game for playing in Milwaukee. For a team that struggles to attract or keep players, that alone makes him worth taking."

CBS Sports (Matt Moore) – F Jabari Parker (Duke)

"I caused a ruckus with Parker slipping to five last week, and I still think that’s possible if he gets past Milwaukee. But they need someone to make an immediate impact, and Parker is the most NBA ready of the Big 3"

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CBS Sports (Gary Parrish) – C Joel Embiid (Kansas)

"Embiid might go a spot higher than this or several spots lower, depending on what doctors tell franchises about his back. He’s a special and unique talent. But that back problem is an undeniable concern until doctors say it isn’t."

CBS Sports (Zach Harper) – F Andrew Wiggins (Kansas)

"The Bucks under new ownership will want to make a splash with the biggest star in the draft, and there isn’t a bigger potential star than Andrew Wiggins. He’ll give them options with lineup versatility, he’ll be incredibly easy to market, and you’re going to put fans in the stands right away to see what kind of star he’ll be in the league."

ESPN Insiders (Jeff Goodman) – F Jabari Parker (Duke)

"The Bucks will have a choice between the ultra-athletic Wiggins and the skilled Parker if Embiid is off the board. That will be an agonizing decision for GM John Hammond, who will balance taking the more-NBA ready Parker and Wiggins, who appears to have the higher upside. Hammond can ill afford to miss here, and that will be why he ultimately goes with Parker."

ESPN Insiders (Chad Ford) – F Jabari Parker (Duke)

"The Bucks appear to be intrigued with all four players here: Embiid, Parker, Wiggins and Australian point guard Dante Exum.If Embiid goes No. 1, I think Parker will likely get the nod here. While new ownership has made it clear that they are OK with GM John Hammond fully engaging the rebuilding process, the reality is that the team needs to draft a player who can help now. Parker is the most NBA ready of the group and gives them a go to scorer who likely would be slotted to play the 4 between Larry Sanders and Giannis Antetokounmpo.If Parker isn’t on the board, Embiid has intrigued the team for a while. Given his offensive prowess (and Sanders utter lack thereof) they feel he’s a good fit. Of course, as the Bucks keep breaking down tape, they keep getting more excited about Wiggins. They fly to Santa Barbara, Calif., this week to watch Wiggins workout. It will be interesting to see if that sells the Bucks on him. Exum is the wild card. The team gets him in for a workout this weekend. They’d really like to upgrade the point and move Brandon Knight to the 2. If Exum wows in the workout, he could move to the top of their board. I think he fits their biggest need."