Hello, Lob City fans. My name is David Estrada and I am a new blogger for the Los Angele..."/> Hello, Lob City fans. My name is David Estrada and I am a new blogger for the Los Angele..."/>

Los Angeles Clippers: Lob City In Full Effect


Hello, Lob City fans. My name is David Estrada and I am a new blogger for the Los Angeles Clippers. We are 16 games into the Clippers season and we have much to catch up to. Many basketball insiders were predicting the Clips to be a top four team in the Western Conference, but it has not panned out that way thus far in this early lock out season. Many are still saying the Los Angeles Lakers are still the better team in their respective town. I think that will change by the end of the season. The Clips have talent and are lead by their superstars PG Chris Paul and PF Blake Griffin. Chris was the biggest free agent acquisition of the off season and Blake keeps getting better and better, which is scary. If it was not for the injury Chris Paul suffered I believe the Clips would be 10-4, but they currently 10-6. Chris was truly getting into a rhythm with the offense before his hamstring became an issue; once his hamstring is fully healed the Clips will be unstoppable. Let’s not forget basketball is a team sport, Chris and Blake cannot win every game by themselves. Here are the rest of the Clippers starters that will be instrumental to the Clippers success.

C DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre is a great compliment to Blake. They are great friends and two of the better leapers in the NBA (to say the least). What makes DeAndre a force is his presence on the defensive. He loves to throw a block party, averaging close to 3 blocks a game. Also do not forget his hustle on the boards. DeAndre is only averaging about 8 rebounds a game, but he does a great job of back tapping balls to give the Clips another possible possession. His defense and hustle will be a huge component to the Clippers throughout the season.

PG/SG Chauncey Billups

Mr. Big Shot. He has already lived up to his nickname in his short Clippers career. Chauncey hit a game winning shot versus the Dallas Mavericks with a second remaining to give the Clips a two point victory. It was a big win for the Clips because it was against the defending champions and without Chris Paul. Chauncey is an ageless wonder and most importantly he is one of two players on the roster to have a championship ring. His leadership and poise will continue to help win games for this young Clippers team.

SF Caron Butler

Caron is the other player on the roster that has a championship ring, but unlike Chauncey, Caron was injured and did not play during the Mavericks playoff run. That does not take away how valuable of a player he is. Caron does everything right; he can shoot the three point shot, he can drive the ball in, he plays defense, and is very unselfish. Whatever team Caron has had the pleasure to play for, he has given that team everything he has on the court. His toughness and tenacity is something the Clippers have been missing for a long time. It is great to have him.


The starting five is awesome. It’s a great mix of super stardom, experience, youth, and potential. It is unfortunate that the season started late due to the lockout, otherwise the Clippers would have already been peaking. Quickly I want to mention the depth. I believe the bench is very good lead by the veteran Mo Williams. Along with Williams, the Clippers bench enjoy contributions from SG Randy Foye, PF Reggie Evans, SF/PF Ryan Gomes, and when healthy PG Eric Bledsoe. The Clippers have what it take to make a serious run come playoffs. It will continue to be an exciting season. Lob City!!! Get your tickets!!!