Give Thanks For Another Win


After 16 games and around a fifth of the season done, the Los Angeles Clippers are 3-13.  To many people that is a horrible record and fans should be ashamed of having that record.  But for the first time since last January before the water pipe burst, things are looking up for these young Clippers.  They won the last two games and played considerably well against both opponents.

Last night the Clippers played against the Sacramento Kings and won with the final score being 100-82.  Of course this win cannot be measure how well the Clippers are because the Kings are going through some rough patches right now.  They lost the last 9 of 10 games after starting out 3-1.  Watching the game though, you can see the Clippers have done a lot of good things.

Eric Gordon was Tyreke Evans primary defender and did well.  He limited the current rookie of the year to only 8 points.  And since Evans has a terrible jumpshot, the Clippers clogged the lane and did not let him go inside.  I think his only field goal in the second half was when DeAndre Jordan goaltended one of his shots that was for sure not going in.  The defense though tonight by the Clippers were really strong and doesn’t seem as lost as it was during that 9 game losing streak.

Blake Griffin was absolute beastmode tonight with 25 points and 15 rebounds and a series of highlight dunks.  Nothing as epic as the Mozgov dunk during the Knicks game but there was one play where him and Gordon performed a perfect pick and roll that saw Griffin gallop all the way to the basket for a jam without any defenders wanting to get postered.  I don’t want to talk about Griffin too much right now because there’s going to be hundreds of articles about him in the coming days since last night’s game was televised.

One of the recent surprises recently has been how well Brian Cook has been performing.  Last night he took down 5 rebounds and scored 4 points.  His rebounds though were not just him getting the ball while everyone the court switches from defense to offense or vice versa.  These rebounds were mostly him fighting and hustling every time he sees a shot missed.  Of all the times I cussed and screamed at him through the television, last night was not one of those nights.  He’s starting to show himself to be servicable and not just a waste of a roster space.  Here’s a good article written by Lisa Dillman on him recently, everyone here should take a look.  And yes that’s where I took this awesome picture of Cook and VDN hugging.

Other thoughts:

  • Paul Westphal kind of looks like what Vinny would look like in ten years.  Maybe it’s just me but there’s some resemblance.
  • I think Carl Landry is not going to go anywhere in the Kings.  In the Rockets, he was under a good coach who knew how to use him.  The Kings are trying to turn a role player into a main guy which I don’t think is going to work with Landry.
  • Omri Casspi was one of my favorite rookies last season and it is a shame to see him not being that productive right now.  He would be a perfect fit on the Clippers though, we need a long tall small forward that can hit the trey.  This was said for Gallinari too.
  • I’m still in a wtf mood over that small segment ESPN had over people with the name “Pooh”.  I think my favorite part was just seeing Pooh Bear on there.
  • Reports says that Chris Kaman and Baron Davis could return next week.  I just hope they don’t make the team worse.
  • Last night’s Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and I am still full.
  • Tonight’s game is against the Phoenix Suns.  Steve Nash and an army of small forwards versus the NCAA Los Angeles Clippers.
  • The Suns blog is also looking for a lead writer so anyone interested should check it out.

And here’s a full recap of last night’s game by Clipsnation and Clipperblog.