Tuesday 10-13-10 – Clippers 99 – Spurs 100 (Preseason)


My apologies for the delay here, I’ve been ill the last couple of days and is still getting used to this blogging business.

Anyways, I caught this game last night on NBAtv.  I loved the first half, and lost my excitement mid way through the 3rd quarter.  Classic Clippers meltdown last night.  We lead the whole first half but quickly lost the lead But remember, this is still preseason so it doesn’t matter.  Rotations were sketchy and some players played too much or played too little.

Game Notes

  • It was really nice seeing Manu Ginobili drawing up the last play for the Spurs last night.  Makes me wonder if one day Baron Davis can do the same for us one day.
  • Blake Griffin continues to be the highlight of Clippers preseason.  Last night he scored 13 points and ha 17 rebounds along with 3 steals and 2 assists.  He even scored a 3 at the end of the half.  Complete beastmode last night and it was exhilarating watching him grab for every rebound he can and hustling as much as possible.
  • His style of play though is going to give a lot of Clippers fans heart attacks because he is a reckless player who goes all out.  I just hope he stays healthy.
  • It’s always a treat watching Tim Duncan play.  One of my favorite players growing up.  His age is showing though and it feels like he was really slow last night.
  • Don’t want to say this but DeJuan Blair absolutely dominated Blake and Kaman last night on the offensive end.  He was pretty unguardable and Blake Griffin had a hard time containing him.  Blair finished the night with 21 points and 6 rebounds.
  • It was depressing watching an 18 point lead go to hell but more depressing watching Chris Kaman take the last shot.   Why did he have to bust a pump fake as time ran out?  Questions we may never know.
  • Rasaul Butler had a good night, hitting 6 threes out of 10.  He finished the night with 20 points and is making a case for himself at the small forward position.
  • Eric Gordon led the team in scoring with 23 points but you would not have noticed when watching the game.  He seemed pretty non existent out there.  He was getting a lot of calls though every time he drove in and took 12 free throw attempts.
  • Baron Davis had his first game back last night.  He took it easy though and only played 16 minutes in the first half.  But he was fantastic during those 16 minutes.  The offense is fluid and moving when he is on the court and not jacking up shots.
  • Speaking of jacking up shots, Randy Foye needed to stop shooting last night.  He took 7 shots and only made 1.
  • Ryan Gomes did not have a good night either.  He missed all his shots.  I did like his effort on the defensive end though.  He was riding Jefferson pretty hard and never let him caught on fire.
  • I didn’t understand why DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, and Aminu had very limited minutes last night.  DJ did great in his 6 minutes in the game, throwing down a some massive dunks.  He was even able to get a block in during those 6 minutes.  Bledsoe was all up on George Hill’s grill last night and was really impressive on his man to man defense.
  • Still mad that the clutch shot at the end was made by a scrub.  Who the heck is Gary Neal?
  • NBAtv commentators suck and I cannot wait to start hearing Ralph and Mike soon.

That’s pretty much all I got from last night.  Heartbreaking end but it is still preseason so no worries…yet.  Everything is still new so it’s going to take time to adjust.

Next game is this Thursday against the Denver Nuggets in Staples Center.

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