Linkin’ Center 10/30


News From Around The League:

Pacman Jonesin’ pictures Brian Scalabrine as l’il orphan Annie.  Also, due to the “massive” controversy of their Top 25 TV Characters In History, it’s been expanded to the Top 100.  Here is part II and III.   It seems like every character from Arrested Development, The Wire & Seinfeld will be on the list.  Lastly, they’ve also got a nice report on the brouhaha that’s brewing about Jailboy ref Tim Donaghy’s proposed book.  Note: It turns out that it was a false report that Tim Donaghy is the illegitimate half-brother of Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock.

A Royal Pain comments on the Sacramento Kings’ first game (a losing effort against the Oklahoma Thunder).  After I read the following comments, suddenly it didn’t seem so bad to be a Clipper fan:

"Newly crowned starting Power Forward Sean May had as many rebounds in the game last night as I did. Spencer Hawes looks like a shell of his former self (which wasn’t all that amazing to begin with) coming off the bench."

King James Gospel talks about the Cavs loss to the Raptors:

"The story of the night was the surprisingly impressive play of Andrea Bargnani as he had 28 points and 5 rebounds. It was Bargnani and not Hedo Turkoglu who gave Cleveland a problem on defense. It was Bargnani’s speed and three point shooting ability that created problems for the defense. His speed allowed him to blow past O’Neal and Z throughout the night while his shooting ability allowed him to come off the pick and roll for the open shot."

That could be the first time anyone has ever called Bargnani speedy.  I’m thinking his ability to blow past Shaq & Z could be more due to the fact that they’re slower than a one-legged man with no crutches.  …Hmm, probably as a Clipper fan I shouldn’t be talking smack about anyone’s team.

Sir Charles In Charge talks about what coaches will be on the hot seat this season.  I don’t agree with his assessment that Paul Westphal is #2 most likely to get canned ‘cuz everyone’s expecting the Kings to suck (see the above quote from their blog).  Those more likely to get axed are the ones who have expectations.  Like if their teams don’t make turnarounds from their awful starts, Byron Scott & Mike Brown better watch out.

SCIC (Sir Charles In Charge) also discusses if it’s realistic for the Lakers to win 70 games this season.

Howard The Dunk looks at Orlando’s second unit in their win over Philadelphia.  He talks a bit about Jason Williams, and I gotta say I saw a pre-season game where Williams made a couple of his ol’ White Chocolate moves.  The dude’s still darn good.  I actually think Sacramento should’ve done everything in its power to re-sign him.  The fans would’ve loved having their magical boy wunderkind return, and if they’re gonna lose a whole bunch, wouldn’t you rather watch White Choc do a bunch of cool-ass behind-the-back-through-the-legs-pass-with-an-elbow crazy junk?  ‘Course I understand why he’d rather play with Orlando & have a legit shot at winning a championship rather than return to a town that was so excited to get rid of him for boring, steady Mike Bibbitty-Bobby-Boo.

Pippen Ain’t Easy posts a fun TNT promo of Derrick Rose with Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office).  He also advises fans keep last night’s game in perspective.

A New York Times’ article arguing the NBA should get rid of the 19+ age limit, and most definitely not make it 20+ as they’re contemplating.

Lastly, this is a slightly older post, but Ball Don’t Lie’s Top 10 Feel-Good NBA Moments Of The Last Decade warmed the cockles in my heart.  And I have pretty cold cockles.