Top NBA Free Agents Available, Part II


[Last updated: 9/26 **No teams under the 13 player minimum anymore!!

With the last few remaining restricted agents having signed 1 yr deals, the rosters are almost completely signed.  Some of the below may get invited to a training camp where they will struggle (& possibly succeed) at making the team.  Likely the only remaining free agents that have potential to make some impact are: Wally Szczerbiak, Jamal Tinsley, Carlos Arroyo, Ime Udoka & Jerry Stackhouse (who’s supposedly looked great at Atlanta’s summer league).]

Okay, as we covered in Part I, there are only about 23-38 [0-3] NBA roster spots still available.  Who are the players competing for those positions?  About a dozen or so I didn’t even list as I felt like there was no way in heck they’d make a team.   For the rest, see below.

[Note that restricted free agents have (RFA) next to them.  When Restricted Players get signed to a contract by a team besides their current one, that current team has 7 days to match the offer.  If they do, they keep the guy.]

[Note #2: With this having been up for a while, only updates from September on will remain bold-faced.]

Top Players Guaranteed To Get A Team:

Glen Davis (RFA) [8/10-re-signed w/Celts for 2 yrs/$6mill – turned down third yr]

Leon Powe [8/12 – finally officially w/Cavs]

Marquis Daniels – [9/1 – finally officially signed w/Celts]

Ray Felton (RFA) – [9/23 – signed 1 yr deal to stay w/Bobcats]

Wally Szczerbiak

Linas Kleiza (RFA)– [8/10 – Signed w/Olympiakos for 2 yrs/$12.2 mill]

Allen Iverson – [9/9 – signed w/Grizzlies]

Ramon Sessions (RFA) [9/4 – Signed offer sheet w/Wolves.  Bucks have 7 days to match, but unlikely to do so.]

David Lee (RFA) – [9/4 – on verge of signing 1 yr deal w/Knicks.  9/25 – finally did it]

Nate Robinson (RFA) – [9/25 – re-signed w/Knicks for 1 yr]

Tier 2 Players Who Will Be Solid Contibutors (guaranteed to get contract):

James Singleton – [9/14 – re-signed w/Mavs]

Ronald “Flip” Murray – [9/25 – signs w/Bobcats]

Von Wafer [8/11 – Signed w/Olympiakos]

Jamal Tinsley

Steve Novak (RFA) – [9/11 – resigned w/Clippers!]

Luther Head – [9/18 – signed w/Pacers]

Desmond Mason – [9/17 – signed w/Kings]

Ime Udoka

Juan Carlos Navarro

Sasha Pavlovic – [9/15 – waived by Suns; signed by T-Wolves]

Carlos Delfino (RFA) – [8/18-signed & traded to Bucks]

Bruce Bowen – [9/3 – retired!!!  Who’d’ve thunk??]

Note: That’s 20 players already.   So it’s possible that any/many of the following players are left jobless when the season begins…

“Intriguing Potential” Given Yet Another Chance:

Gerald Green

C.J.Watson (RFA) – [8/31 – 1 yr deal w/Warriors]

Mike Taylor

Rashad McCants – [9/25 – signed w/Rockets]

Shavlik Randolph

Gabe Pruit – [9/18 – non-guaranteed contract w/Knicks]

Johan Petro – 8/27 – resigned with Denver Nuggets

Robert Swift

Joey Graham – [9/26 – signed with Denver Nuggets for training camp]

Keith Bogans – [9/22 – signed w/Spurs]

Walter Herrmann – signed w/a Spanish team

Aaron Gray (RFA) – [9/22 – re-signed w/Bulls for 1 yr]

Rodney Carney – [9/9 – signed w/Sixers]

Carlos Arroyo

Pops Mensah-Bonsu – [8/21 – signed w/Rockets]

Sun Yue – [9/14 – signed w/Knicks]

Vet Guards For Backup/Mentors:

Jason Williams – if healthy he’ll find a spot – we’ll know more about that when word of his Knicks’ tryout leaks  – [8/19 – signed w/Magic]

Jerry Stackhouse – ditto.

Anthony Carter

Bobby Jackson

Greg Buckner – [9/14 waived by Mavs & thus now a free agent]

Brevin Knight – these last 4 guys probably won’t get hired…

Tyronn Lue

Jacque Vaughn

Dan Dickau – [9/24 – invited to Suns’ training camp]

Chucky Atkins – [9/22 – waived by T-Wolves]

Vet Big Men To Be Unimpressive Backup/Mentors:

Joe Smith – [8/15 – signed w/Hawks]

Mikki Moore – [8/31 – signed w/Warriors]

Brian Skinner – [9/16 – back w/the Clips]

Chris Mihm

Adonal Foyle

Jason Collins – [9/2 – signed w/Hawks]

Lorenzen Wright

Now we get to the sad stuff…

Vet Big Men Who’ll Be Lucky To Get Signed:

Antoine Walker

Stromile Swift – although might still be under the “intriguing potential” for some GMs

Jake Voskuhl

Jarron Collins – [9/22 – going to camp w/Trailblazers]

Calvin Booth

Melvin Ely

Sean Marks – 8/27 signed w/Hornets

Malik Rose

Donyell Marshall

Juwan Howard – [9/17 – signed w/Trailblazers]

Mark Madsen [8/21 waived by Clippers & thus now a free agent]

Vet Guards/Swingmen Unlikely To Make It:

Fred Jones – [8/20 – signed w/an Italian team]

Maurice Ager

Coby Karl

Kareem Rush

Damon Jones

Jason Hart

Juan Dixon

Stephon Marbury

Ryan Bowen

That’s the list.  Lemme know if you spot anyone I’ve forgotten who’s list-worthy!