NBA Trades: Summer Box Office-style, Part II


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The Attempted Repeat

Film: Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian
By Spring 2007, the original was an overwhelming success having made $250 million+ in the U.S. alone after being constantly on top since it’s December debut.  2008 brought nothing, but now in 2009, this franchise tries to make it back to the top.  While it’s already made over $167 million, it cost $150 million, so it’s sure to be successful, but unlikely to be as dominant as last time.  For those who don’t know, the story is about young Ben Stiller running around trying to control things as a bunch of old artifacts show they still have life in them.  Some of the ancient people from before are gone, and the big new one now is a notorious Pharoah.

NBA: The Celtics sign Rasheed Wallace
In Spring 2007, the Celtics overwhelmingly won the NBA championship after having been constantly being on top since their November debut.  2008 brought disappointment, but now in 2009, this franchise will try to make it back to the top.  While they’re sure to be extremely successful, they’re unlikely to be as dominant as last time.  For those who don’t know, the Celtics feature a young Rajon Rondo running around trying to control things as a bunch of old All-Stars (Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen) show they still have life in them.  Some of the ancient people from before are gone (like PJ Brown and James Posey), and the big new addition now is a notorious player (Rasheed Wallace).

The Expensive, Confused Failure

Film: Land Of The Lost
Is it action?  Is it comedy?  Will Ferrell obviously is enormously talented, but let’s be honest he’s fairly one-dimensional and has been inconsistent.  His sidekick in the film is played by Danny McBride, creating a bit of a reunion since it was Ferrell who helped launch McBride into the national spotlight by bringing attention to “The Foot Fist Way”.  While this film has made nearly $50 million, a decent amount for a comedy, that’s a failure for a summer tent-pole action film.  Particularly one with a $100 million dollar budget.

NBA: The Pistons sign Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, fire coach Michael Curry and replace him with John Kuester
Are they an offensive team or a defensive team?  Why do they have three shooting guards?  Rather than go after Ben Gordon when they have a good shooting guard in Rip Hamilton, how come they didn’t they go after say Marcin Gortat as an upgrade over Kwame Brown?  Why fire a coach and say it was his neweness that did him in, only to then hire another new coach?  And if that new coach comes from a defensive-minded team with a mediocre offense, how do you then claim he’s being hired because he’s offensively creative?  Land of the lost, indeed.  Ben Gordon is indeed very talented, but he’s an under-sized one-dimensional scorer who’s been inconsistent.  At least this will be a reunion between him & Villanueva since it was Gordon who first helped bring CV into the national spotlight by winning the NCAA championship while they were at UConn.  While this will be a decent team and Gordon will play solidly, he’ll be a failure since they had to pay him $55 million and the goal is for him to be the main tent-pole of an eventual contender.

The Quality Re-Boot

Film: Star Trek
Everyone figured this moribund franchise’s run was over, but like a zombie it has suprisingly risen from the dead (hmm, actually zombies are supposed to raise from the dead so that wouldn’t be a surprise.  Um, then let’s make it a non-zombie, aka human, surprisingly risen from the dead).  The film has Leonard Nimoy in it, playing old Spock, connecting this movie with the past, but the master maverick architect J.J. Abrams wisely has infused it with new talent. Since it came out nine weeks ago, this movie’s probably already been forgotten by a lot of people, but it’s still doing well.

NBA: Dallas signing Gortat, re-signing Kidd, and going after Shawn Marion.
Everyone figured this franchise’s run for a ring was over, but not only did they surprise everyone by sneaking into the second round, maverick architect Mark Cuban is now infusing the team with new talent (Gortat & Marion).  They brought back old Jason Kidd for another go-around, and they still have Dirk Nowitzki as the centerpiece, connecting this team with the past.  Don’t forget about these guys; they’re gonna have a starting 5 of JKidd, Josh Howard, Shawn Marion, Nowitzki & Dampier/Gortat, with the other of the Dampier/Gortat coming off the bench alongside Jason Terry, and spark-plug JJ Barea.  They will do well.

Part III will show up later in the week.

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