5 Blockbuster trades that get James Harden on the LA Clippers

LA Clippers, James Harden. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
LA Clippers, James Harden. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Clippers, James Harden
LA Clippers, James Harden, Terance Mann. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

2. 76ers 2nd offer

With Paul George off the table, Morey asks for the only two first-round draft picks that the Clippers can offer and tries to sneak Bones Hyland into the deal to give the 76ers a bench playmaker that has room to grow.

This is a far offer that allows both teams to accomplish goals, but it may not be the final package.

LA would be tempted by this offer, but they have zero reason to accept it right now. Morey wants the biggest return possible, so what is stopping the Clippers from waiting to see if the 76ers get a better deal?

If Harden is set on being in Los Angeles, the Sixers will have to give in at some point and send him to the Clippers. He is on an expiring contract, so Philadelphia has to trade him before the deadline if they want to get something in return.

The LA Clippers will likely counter with a slightly lesser package and leave the ball in the 76ers’ court. Does Philly accept or play the waiting game in hopes of getting more at some point during the season? Morey proved his patience during the Ben Simmons saga, but how will playing with an unhappy Harden impact Joel Embiid?

The Clippers have the leverage, and they should use it to try to get the Sixers to accept a lesser package.