Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan saga to alter NBA free agency rules

After DeAndre Jordan’s infamous decision to turn away from the Dallas Mavericks last summer and return to the Los Angeles Clippers, NBA free agency will see some change.

DeAndre Jordan provided the biggest story of NBA free agency last year. After verbally agreeing to a deal with the Dallas Mavericks and sending the Los Angeles Clippers and their fans into panic, everything took a rather sudden and shocking turn. Instead of proceeding with the deal to head to Dallas, Jordan changed his mind and decided that it would be best for him to stay in L.A. after all, leaving the Mavs without a center while rescuing the Clippers’ defense.

The whole scenario received countless media attention from a wildfire of speculation, tweeted emojis, and heartbreak for the Mavs, creating more stories in the process. Besides Jordan’s genuine change of heart, the supposed drama of how Doc Rivers and a couple of Clippers players ‘held DeAndre hostage’ at his house added even more momentum to the whole saga. When putting that madness aside, though, it’s clear that the NBA would surely rather see deals happen a little more smoothly in the future.

Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical has now reported that free agent deals can be signed much quicker now, likely cutting down on the chance for players to change their decisions and settle with their team once a verbal agreement has been made.

First off, this will help speed up the actual process of NBA free agency. Of course, players aren’t suddenly going to choose new teams in a hurry and sign a deal right there and then, but this obviously hastens the negotiations from verbal to official. For the Mavs, this is certainly something Mark Cuban and Co. would have appreciated last summer.

The DeAndre drama surely isn’t the only cause of this change, though. The NBA wouldn’t alter free agency based on one instance alone. Team front offices and league executives must feel that this will help them wrap up the process of making signings quicker and there’s no way organizations wouldn’t appreciate that.

However, as Woj made a point of highlighting, the Clippers’ fiasco with Jordan did raise the importance of this issue. Maybe Cuban will feel like he finally has a little revenge now.