Rumor: Clippers high on UCONN G Ryan Boatright?

It’s no secret teams target prospects as they prepare for the NBA Draft. If a select player falls to a teams draft position, he’s as good as gone. Some teams even go as far as to promise a player a guaranteed pick if he isn’t selected beforehand.

While the Clippers don’t have a pick — as of now — to guarantee any player a selection, they’re working toward entering the draft meaning they’ve likely a list of favorites as draft night is around the corner. One player, Ryan Boatright, guard out of the University of Connecticut, says the Clippers are one of three teams that are ‘high’ on him coming into the 2015 draft.

Spending four seasons as a member of UCONN’s men’s basketball program, Boatrights’ best statistical year came as a senior, averaging a career-high 17.4 points on 42% shooting (41% from three on 6 attempts per game), 4.1 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 1.4 steals, and a 23.4 PER.

In regards to Boatrights’ talents on the floor, NBA scouts have a varying taste when it comes to his ability in the NBA.  “I think he’s a second-round pick,” said an eastern conference scout of Boatright in February, via the New Haven Register. “He’s shown that he can do what’s necessary: he can score, play defense, pass. He’ll comply with the program, he’s demonstrated that. And he has special quickness. He’s tremendous pressuring the ball in the backcourt. He’s one of the best in the draft, as far as that goes.”

Another eastern conference scout believed Boatright’s place in the NBA is between the D-League or third point guard on someones roster. A western conference scout described Boatright’s talents as ‘tough to like’ and that the point guard is ‘tough to like’.

While Boatright is absent in DraftExpress and Chad Ford’s top 100 prospects list, he makes an appearance on’s top-100 list at no.56.

Boatright is excluded from all three mock drafts.

With the Clippers reportedly targeting a wing or big in the draft, this reported interest in Boatright could lead past the draft. Even if the Clippers find a way into the 2015 NBA Draft, there’s no guarantee Boatright is selected, but the interest could lead to the point guard proving himself on the Clippers’ summer league roster, one without structure at the moment.

The 2015 NBA Draft takes place on June 25.