King James crowns a ‘Mini-LeBron’ in one Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe of the Los Angeles Clippers has been so impressive that one if not the best player in the World Lebron James called him “Mini-LeBron” after the Clippers won 107-100 over the Heat @ Staples in front of a sellout “but quiet” crowd.

“[LeBron] actually called me that when we left the court,” said Bledsoe after the Clippers’ 107-100 victory over the Heat at Staples Center on Wednesday. “Yeah, he did. He said, ‘This is Baby LeBron.’”

Bledsoe has a 22.18 player efficiency rating (PER), 23 points, 6.3 assists and 5.4 rebounds per 40 minutes.

“It’s great to be called … one of the greats,” Bledsoe said.

“As a point guard, Bled is unbelievable in transition and he’s unguardable,” Paul said. “He shoots the ball now and he attacks like no one else. Going into the fourth quarter, I just tell him to manage the game. As a point guard, you’re going to know that sometimes when you make a steal, Blake Griffin might be yelling for the ball in transition, and you just have to tell him hold on and just manage the game. Like Peyton Manning.”

It is said Jamal Crawford gave him the nickname first in the offseason. I expect hearing it from the King himself is much more gratifying.

Via Justin Verrier/ESPN “Thank you Justin”